Please complete your nomination following the steps outlined below. Submitting nominations for this event is free of charge and no payment details will be collected when doing so. For any troubleshooting please see our Help Centre or FAQs page. 

  1. Choose the award you would like to enter.
  2. If you haven't entered before you will be prompted to register. You'll then get a confirmation email with a link you must click before you can complete your entry.
  3. You will need to make sure the award is added to your basket. To do so, please select the award from the drop down list and click 'add selected'.
  4. Fill in the nomination form.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'complete'. Please note you will need to check the box 'I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions' to submit your nomination.
  6. You can come back and edit your entries right up until the final deadline.

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