Albert Roux
Le Gavroche

Albert Roux, OBE, KFO, Legion d’Honneur and Knight of the Order of the Crown of Romania, is one of the world’s best-known and best-loved chefs. In 1967, he and his younger brother Michel Snr opened Le Gavroche, Britain’s first three Michelin Star restaurant in London.

French born, Albert Roux began his life-long passion with the culinary arts when he commenced his career as an apprentice patissier. In 1953 he moved to England to spend time as a commis de cuisine within Lady Nancy Aster’s country estate at Cliveden.

He was later employed as chef to Major Peter Cazelet at the estate at Fairlawne in Kent. He stayed with the Cazalet family for eight years; it was the Cazalets and many of their friends who encouraged and financially supported Albert to open his own restaurant, which he finally did – Le Gavroche.

Since the mid-Eighties, Albert has taken on both ad hoc and ongoing consultancy projects. Chez Roux Limited has grown consistently and organically from those early years.

Albert Roux's lifetime work as a restaurateur, hotelier, retailer and wholesale manufacturer of foods places him in the forefront of advisors in these fields and the list of reputable establishments, which have required Albert Roux assistance and skill, is extensive. Some have become faithful business partners and rely on Albert's expertise year after year.

Albert was honoured in 2016.